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Gemma Solà Noguer

Gemma Solà Noguer

Lecturer at EUSES, affiliated centre to the UdG, since 2002. Physiotherapist – Osteopath and global postural therapist. Head of the FisioIntegral centre (Girona and L’Escala) since 2000.

Specialized in the fields of pelvic floor, obstetrics and gynaecology. Myofascial Induction Therapy, Sohier Concept. Trained in Child Physiotherapy according to the Bobath concept and in Paediatric osteopathy and regenerative therapy training (PNI).

She has previously been working in different areas, for example in the field of traumatology at Mutual Cyclops, (1992-2002). Also in the field of children’s physiotherapy in the CDIAP Alt Empordà and in the School Palau in Girona (Department of Education) (1993-2000). Physiotherapist responsible for the Pelvic Floor Unit of GDM and Clinic Aliança of Girona (1998-2003).

Teacher, as a physiotherapist, in several courses organized by the Department of Teaching of Catalonia.

Throughout her career she has made several publications in local magazines and in Punt Diari, as well as interventions in television and in radio programs. She has also given informative and educational talks and seminars about the importance of thee pelvic floor in different environments.

gsola@euses.cat Program: Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy
Subjects: Physiotherapy in clinical specialities: urology (3rd)
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