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Sònia Marcos Ruiz

Sònia Marcos Ruiz

Lecturer in the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy at EUSES. Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. Master’s Degree in Bioethics. Currently, PhD student. Collaborating lecturer Accreditation delivered by AQU (2009) in the field of Medical and Health Sciences.

She combines his teaching work at EUSES and in the UdG Foundation with her work at the Soma physiotherapy and osteopathy centre of which she is founder, physiotherapist and osteopath. She is a lecturer in the field of paediatrics, pre and post-partum, hydrotherapy for babies, awareness and bioethics in physiotherapy in Catalonia and Spain. Until the year 2000 she worked as a physiotherapist in different centres: Dr. Josep Trueta Hospital. Güell Primary Care Centre (Girona). Bofill Clinic. Medical Cabinet of Girona. Special Education School “Els Joncs”. Child Development and Early Care Centre Alt Empordà. Mutual Insurance Company of Labour Fraternitat. Mutual Insurance Company Cyclops Joan Riu Foundation. Dr. R. Soler Rheumatology and Sports Medicine Centre.

Since 1994 to present, she has participated in national and international conferences as a speaker and host.

Her research projects and publications are focused on paediatrics, psychomotor skills, hydrotherapy in paediatrics and bioethics. She has participated in outreach radio programmes on paediatric physiotherapy topics.

smarcos@euses.cat Program: Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy
Subjects: Muscle chains (2nd)
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