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Sergi Garcia Retortillo

Sergi Garcia Retortillo

Lecturer at EUSES – affiliated centre to the UdG. PhD in Sport Science. Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science, in Physiotherapy and in Physical Education. Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Health and Postgraduate course in Integrative Body Work.

The last 10 years he has been dedicated mainly to the fitness and wellness sector, training and treating all types of athletes and patients, from competitive athletes (motor, contact sports …) to populations with special needs (autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders …). He has also collaborated in sports magazines and newspapers such as Diari Gol and on the Flaix FM radio station, with his own weekly section on health and sports.

He is a member of the Complex Systems in Sport research group of INEFC of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona).

His main publications are:

–    Balagué, N., Aragonés, D., Hristovski, R., García, S., & Tenenbaum, G. (2014). Attention focus emerges spontaneously during progressive and maximal exercise. Revista de Psicología del Deporte, 1, 57-63.

–    Balagué, N., Hristovski, R., Aragonés, D., García, S., Razon, S., & Tenenbaum, G. (2014). Intentional thought dynamics during exercise until volitional exhaustion. The Journal of Sport Science, 33, 48-57.

–    Balagué, N., Hristovski, R., García, S., Aguirre, C., Razon, S., & Tenenbaum, B. (2015). Dynamics of perceived exertion in constant power cycling: Time and workload-dependent thresholds. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 86, 371-378.

– Garcia, S., Razon, S., Hristovski, R., Balagué, N., & Tenenbaum, G. (2015). Dynamic stability of task-related thoughts in trained runners. The Sport Psychologist 29, 302–309.

–   Slapsinskaite, A., García, S., Razon, S., Balagué, N., Hristovski, R., & Tenenbaum, G. (2016). Cycling outdoors facilitates external thoughts and endurance. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 27, 78-84.

–  Garcia, S., Javierre, C., Hristovski, R., Ventura, J.L., & Balagué, N. Cardiorespiratory Coordination in Repeated Maximal Exercise (2017). Frontiers in Physiology, 8—- doi: doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.00387

Currently he is working on the project: “Cardiorespiratory coordination: A new diagnostic tool for training and fatigue status evaluation”.

sgarcia@euses.cat Program: Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy
Subjects: Physiotherapeutic and sports techniques (4th)
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