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Jesus Planella Morató

Jesus Planella Morató

Lecturer at EUSES – affiliated centre to the University of Girona (UdG). At the university, he is also an associate lecturer in the Department of Physics, Polytechnic School (EPS), UdG since 2003. During these years he has been lecturer in several Bachelor’s Degrees in the field of Engineering and Science. He currently teaches at the Bachelor’s Degrees of Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. He is coordinator of the Basic Physics course offered to the first year students of the EPS. He also teaches in the Master’s Degree in Teaching for Secondary School, in the scientific-technological field and collaborates as an external lecturer of the University at the High School Jaume Vicens Vives since 2012. He assists students who study Physics at the International Baccalaureate and within the framework of the CiMs + Cellex Program in the field of Science and Mathematics

PhD in Experimental Sciences and Sustainability from the UdG, in Environmental Physics. In the field of research, he is part of the Environmental Physics Group (GFA) since 2004, and he has specialized in the field of environmental fluids. He previously made predoctoral stays at Arizona State University in Tempe (Arizona, United States), in 2009, and at the PP Shirshov Institute of Oceanology in Moscow and Kalinningrad (Russia) in 2012, as well as other stays related to internationalization scholarships from the UdG with students at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend (Indiana, United States) in 2010. He has also made several postdoctoral stays at the University of Notre Dame in the years 2014 and 2015. During this time, he has given several conferences at foreign universities and research centres as a guest researcher, as well as through the ERASMUS mobility program for teachers. Among such conferences are those held at the CICESE Marine Sciences in Ensenada (Mexico) in 2009, at the Laboratoire de Electromagnetiques de l’Environment Terrestre, LSEET, from the Université du Sud Toulon-Var in Toulon (France) also in 2009 or at the University of Notre Dame (United States) in 2016.

He wrote 9 scientific articles (8 of them in the first quartile in environmental fluids area), and also participated in several national and international conferences. One of them was awarded the prize for the best presentation (XI Symposium WMHE, 2009 Ohrid, Macedonia).

He has participated in different national and international projects in the UdG. Besides the collaboration in the GFA of the UdG, he also currently collaborates with the group of Environmental Fluid Dynamics of the University of Notre Dame (United States) within the framework of a radio and radar signal transmission project on the Ocean called ‘Coupled Air-Sea Processes and EM-Ducting Research (CASPER)’ funded by the United States Office of Naval Research (ONR).

In the university teaching field, he wrote different teaching support books for physics students. In this area, he has also presented different proposals of teaching innovation with other members of the UdG Department of Physics in several national conferences. He has also made several talks at high schools within the framework of Science Day.

jplanella@euses.cat Program: Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy
Subjects: Physics (1st), Biomechanics (2nd), Application of Physical Agents (2nd)
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