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Raquel Font Lladó

Raquel Font Lladó

Lecturer in the Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science at EUSES. Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from the INEFC Barcelona in 2001 and PhD in Pedagogy from the University of Barcelona in 2006.

She has worked in the field of physical activity and sports with children and teenagers, both formal and non-formal, and also in the field of teacher training. As a result of her experience she began her line of research at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, further in the training of physical education teachers and education in values. After the thesis she continued the research in topics related to teacher training.

Component of the Physical Activity and Sport Research Group -PHAS Research-, an affiliated group to the UdG.

Font, R. (2009). A seminary of colaborativa reflective practice for the professional development of the teachers of Physical education. Una formación para educar en valores. A Cultura y Educación 2009, 21 (1). Barcelona: Childhood and Learning Foundation.

Font, R.; Prat, M., Soler, S. (2009, 15-18 july). Sports spectacle, an education context? Analysis of the attitudes of adolescent spectators. Presentation presented at the ISSA’s World Congress of Sociology of sport, Netherlands.

Latinjak, A.; López-Ros, V.; Font-Lladó, R. (2014). Las emociones en el deporte: conceptos empleados en un modelo tridimensional. In Journal of Sports Psychology, 23 (2).

rfont@euses.cat Program: Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science
Subjects: Games and basic motor abilities (1st), Teaching planning in the educational system (2nd)
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