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Esther Hernández Rovira

Esther Hernández Rovira

Lecturer at EUSES – affiliated centre to the UdG. Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science and qualified in Pilates by Balance Body.

In addition to her work as lecturer at EUSES, she is currently responsible for the Pilates part at the Personal Integral Training Centre in Girona.

Since the end of her university formation she has worked for 5 years as an instructor of directed activities at O2 Centre Wellness in Barcelona and afterwards in Girona.

For 8 years and until today she has been an instructor specialized in Pilates. And the last 4 years she combines Pilates with the teaching work at the FEDAC Pare Coll school in Sant Narcís.

ehernandez@euses.cat Program: Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science
Subjects: Team sports II - New training trends (3rd)
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